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As you walk into Tumbledown Croft, the map on the wall at the front door shows our Croft. It was printed in 1892. At that time the croft was used as a farmhouse (chimney end) and the other half was used as a barn to house animals or farm equipment.


The painting above was done by myself, of the croft as we found it. Back then it was just a dark dusty old shell, it was full of old farm machinery but we loved it and saw the potential for it to be beautiful again.


Wanting to live a more rural lifestyle, our family moved from Aberdeen City in 2013. Once the house was completed, renovations began on the croft and has kept us busy for over 2 years!

Mark has project managed and worked tirelessly on both builds with myself focussing on the design and interior décor. A real team effort!

The granite and the old fireplace which houses the stove are the only original features remaining.


We hope you will agree it has been worth all the effort!


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